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Football 1968

Football_1968.jpg Arnot_Street_05ThumbnailsP6120002.jpgArnot_Street_05ThumbnailsP6120002.jpgArnot_Street_05ThumbnailsP6120002.jpgArnot_Street_05ThumbnailsP6120002.jpgArnot_Street_05ThumbnailsP6120002.jpgArnot_Street_05ThumbnailsP6120002.jpg
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  • Andy McGuffog - Saturday 9 August 2003 15:26
    Back right-Ronnie Harrison; 3rd left,front row Cresswell?
  • Dave Williamson - Friday 9 November 2001 12:26
    I'm on the back row at the far left end.
    I believe Steve Moore is on the front row, 4th from the left.
    I think the lad on on front far right end has a surname Smith.
    Anyone know any others?