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The Old Herb Shop, 1967

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  • guest - Saturday 20 October 2018 20:45
    My Gramdma grew up there with her Aunt & Uncle - what a special lady, we miss her so much
  • willy owen - Thursday 8 January 2009 15:42
    the herbshop
    back again to see were me and paul and graham spent so many hours in there thinking we were grown men drinkin beer guess what we are now brill pic brian cheers[color=#FFFFFF]
  • James Carmichael - Monday 29 August 2005 18:46
    I remember going into Lyon,s shop to buy distemper,(the modern version of emulsion,) and being served by Miss Lyon,who wore a khaki overall and a mans trilby,and she weighed it out in brown greaseproof paper,the place smelled of linseed oil & putty.
  • - Saturday 19 February 2005 19:31
    I can remember going to the Herb Shop in the 40's to get my Dad sasparella. I used to live at Angelsea Rd. and later at Evered Ave.
  • - Monday 24 January 2005 13:47
    willy owen graham roberts and paul murphy we drank our sasses in here as our dads were drinkong theres i the black horse..great days
  • Tom Hughes - Sunday 29 December 2002 12:59
    My wife's great uncle Tom Atherton ran the herb shop in the 50's.
  • Jack Hill - Friday 14 June 2002 01:07

    what a sad sight with so many happy memories of the herbal drinks like sarsaparilla, dandelion & burdock etc. Jack Hill (1940-1944)
  • - Saturday 25 May 2002 00:29
    It's an age thing. Looking at this photo reminds me of looking at Victorian/Edwardian photos when I was a kid, when I thought "that looks ancient".
  • - Saturday 25 May 2002 00:24
    Hot dandelion and burdock and american cream soda were also on the menu. There wasn't a loo. I can recall having to pee in the park before getting the 60/81 down Queens Drive.
  • Bill Cowpland - Friday 8 March 2002 11:40
    "yes" the sas bar! I went to Arnot street secondary modern,and after school we went to queens drive bath's,the next port of call was the sas bar for a pint of the best sasparella ever."great day's"