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The Brown Cow & Walton Church, 1967

g08_n58_Brown_Cow_v3.jpg Breeze Hill 1967ThumbnailsBreeze Hill 1967ThumbnailsBreeze Hill 1967Thumbnails
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  • vena johnson (nee Riddell) - Thursday 13 September 2012 16:16
    I have a group photo from my Grandfathers house - who lived in Makin St Walton, of the Walton on the Hill St Mary's Bowling club, and you can see the back of the Brown Cow pub.Must have been early 1900's.Does anybody know anything about the bowling club?
  • Anonymous coward - Wednesday 12 January 2005 23:50
    billy owen (willy)
    born and bred in hapden street remeber all this and more was upset to see baths come down anyone remeber me [email protected]
  • Claire Smith - Thursday 9 December 2004 20:16
    Claire Smith, Bedford Road
    The Baths is no more, It's been completely demolished! It is being rebuilt for Alsop high school as a sports facility.
  • Dave Rogers - Wednesday 2 July 2003 21:33
    John; the steps are still there, exactly the same.

    Dickyman; The site of the pub is now a grassed area, behind which is a car park for the baths, and behind that is the baths.
  • - Tuesday 13 May 2003 19:32
    has anyone got any other pics of the area or any pics of around lynwood rd/gardens by any chance?
  • - Saturday 23 November 2002 13:22
    i think that pub is now the baths
  • Jilly Rhodes - Tuesday 13 November 2001 15:00

    I was brought up in Walton Rectory when Basil Fletcher Jones was resident. If you have any ( or could get any) Photos of the house that I'd always call home, I'd appreciate it. I love looking at your photos. Such reminders.
    Well done.
    I miss Walton so much
  • John Hudson - Sunday 30 September 2001 00:53
    Notice the steps on the church cemetery. When they built the flyover they pushed the wall back about 10 feet. Not sure if that gate is still there?