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  • Anonymous coward - Tuesday 24 October 2006 13:19
    Teacher Between Sammy Shearman and Fredyy Freeman
    Just to let you know that it is Mr Johnson (Johno) between Sammy Shearman and Freddy Freeman. Used to teach English.
    John Lowry
  • Anonymous coward - Monday 18 February 2002 17:54
    Alan Marsden
    3rd row up starting at right - Joe Bodger, Albert Fox, Ian Sebastian, Alan Marsden, Alan Lever. Same row starting from left - Sam Shearman, ?, Fred Freeman, Ronnie Briggs, ?, Colin Harding.
  • Tom Miller - Saturday 16 February 2002 15:31
    4th row up, right to left....
    two unknown ladies, Owen?, Owens, Joe Wilson, ??, Frank Gordon, Tom Miller, ??, Ralph Morris, Hall, ??, Gordon Francis Blacklock Morris, John Hill, Steve Willis (with peroxided hair), Ian Tulloch...
    The other half of our class is not on this photograph.